Self-Regulation Medical Group

Mind-Body Medicine, more than stress management for:

• Anxiety/Panic;

• Attention Disorders and problems with concentration

Head injury; closed trauma, concussion, "whiplash" type microtrauma;

• Migraine and other Headaches, Hypertension, Tinnitus, Pain, Irritable Bowel; & Sleep Problems, etc.

• Mood and energy disorders; .

• Psychological trauma (old wounds) and emotional shock (PTSD)

•Smoking Cessation- Stop Smoking Program.

Substance Abuse & Marijuana Syndromes

Self-Regulation Medicine utilizes a collaboration between physician and patient and may include choices from many effective treatments:

--Brief, Ultra-brief, and/or Long-term Intensive (psychoanalytic) therapy;
--Biofeedback, EEG Brainwave biofeedback (neurofeedback)*, EFT, EMDR, Hypnosis;
--Medication, when appropriate, and Neutraceuticals.

see Neurofeedback BLOG

see also EEGym®

The Big Picture:

Facing Environmental Cataclysm With Sanity

June 2, 2009

Paul Hawken has posted a recent commencement address on dealing with the impending environmental cataclysm.  We are facing massive multisystem shifts from human activity that are already altering the biological dynamics of our shared space.  The crises we can already see invite us to re-vison, revise, and revalue our lives.  Click to read this inspiring message.


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